Tree Removal

Remove Unhealthy Trees From Your Yard

Remove Unhealthy Trees From Your Yard

Turn to us when you need tree removal in Amarillo, TX

A dying tree can be much more than just an eyesore. If it's leaning or close to a structure, it could result in serious property damage. Rely on A Treemendous Tree Service for tree removal services in Amarillo, TX.
You can count on us to safely remove trees of any size. We can also get rid of stumps. You'll never have to worry about our team leaving a mess in your yard after a tree removal job. Call 806-340-2228 today to speak with an arborist

How to tell if a tree needs to be removed

It can be difficult to say goodbye to something that's been a long-standing part of your property. Unfortunately, tree removal is likely a necessity if:

  • Your tree is growing into power lines
  • The trunk is showing signs of decay
  • Your tree is too close to your home or business

Call us today at 806-340-2228 if you have any questions about our tree removal services.